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Client Feedback

We value our clients and often find that while we are engaged to help guide their business, we ourselves learn a great deal from them which, in turn, enhances our own knowledge and service offerings. As Stephen was refining the ASK business plan prior to launch, he completed a handful of pro bono consultations to help business owners develop and/or improve core processes in order to get the most out of their operations. Here's their feedback...

Managing Growth

"As my law practice continued to grow, I realised I needed professional advice on how to balance my busy client work with important practice management responsibilities. Stephen listened carefully, leveraged his years of practice management expertise, and developed a thorough understanding of my requirements. He made excellent recommendations, including some quick wins, to help me chart the way forward."

Victoria Greening

Founder/Legal Counsel - Resolution Chambers


Capacity and Cash!

"For my part-time owner-managed business, Stephen helped me better understand my capacity constraints and how best to: align my work-week to effectively manage resources, structure my pricing, and maximise revenue. Time is money, after all!"

Jennifer Lang

Business Owner - WeeThrive

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