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Ben Bealsey

Principal Adviser


Lt. Col. Ben Beasley, BEM, FIoL, MBA is a dynamic and highly respected leader with over 20 years of progressive experience gained in the uniformed services. As the former Commanding Officer of the Royal Bermuda Regiment, Ben leverages his extensive training, strategic vision and operational expertise in every endeavour.

A former regular officer in the Royal Air Force (RAF), Ben graduated from the service’s college at RAF Cranwell in 2006 and worked in training and education focused on the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and in British air policing operations.

He also helped establish the stand-up of RAF flying and ground-based squadrons for operations during conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq before he returned home to join the Royal Bermuda Regiment as Training Officer.

Ben earlier served as a reserve police officer and has worked to promote the welfare of young people with the Outward Bound Bermuda programme and Beyond Bermuda Rugby. Well known for leading charitable endeavours, Col Beasley was awarded the British Empire Medal in 2018 for his services to the community.

Ben is A Fellow of the Institue of Leadership and received his MBA from the University of Warwick in 2019.

Ben Bealsey
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